Omega Industrial Pre-Galvanized Trash Can (6 Gallon)

Omega Industrial

Trash can of the highest quality metal sheet.

Characteristics: With side handles and lid, different sizes, colors and finishes, practical, lightweight, easy to carry, not allowed out odors, does not rust, lasts a lifetime, made with organic material 100% recyclable material, waterproof and humid environments, fire resistant, non-toxic.

Uses: Ideal for kitchen, bathrooms, children's bedroom, and toys container, throw dirty laundry, useful in offices, restaurants, hotels, businesses and industry, as dumpster organic, inorganic, recyclable, pet food storage, seeds , drinking water, rural, urban, commercial and industrial housing.



n 06N 13.77" 12.79" 11.02"
N 10 18.89" 15.74" 12.79"
N 20 22.24" 18.30" 15.55"
N 30 27.55" 19.68" 17.32"