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  • Freeze-tite Freezer Wrap 15in X 250ft

    SKU: 12101124 UPC: 077158152509
    Freeze-tite Plastic Freezer Wrap, fifteen inches wide to cover the whole dish, 50% Thicker, seals tightly to lock out freezer air. No need for tape or markers as Freeze - Tite is self-sealing, wrapping silver to avoid tarnishing.
  • Stretch-tite Premium Plastic Food Wrap 500 Sqft

    SKU: 12101125 UPC: 077158125008
    Stretch-tite Premium Plastic Food Wrap, excellent for covering and storing food in the refrigerator or freezer. Polyvinyl Films is the manufacturer of stretch - tite and freeze - tite plastic food and freezer wraps. The line of premium quality plastic wraps is used in both homes and business for a variety of purposes. Premium quality wraps at a great value to our customers is the Polyvinyl Promise.